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Winter Anarchist Discussion Schedule

“A clandestine hoard of miscreants and nerds is excited to announce the return of an anarchist discussion group, just in time for winter. As the frigid specter approaches, we recommend keeping warm with cozy anarchist literature, heated discussions of theory and praxis and copious amounts of tea. Each month until spring corresponds to a particular topic for discussion. All relevant texts will be made available at the Cream City Collectives and through the Burnt Bookmobile. November will begin as an exploration of hell-on-earth and some potential ways out. Discussions will be informed by the specified readings – thus reading the texts is encouraged (and fun), but not necessary. Everyone is welcome!”

Discussions will be taking place at the CCC (732 E Clarke st.) Sundays at 2pm.

All texts will be available to download on this site (as well as suggested further reading relating to the discussions and themes). Physical copies of the texts will be available at the CCC in the free zine section.

main flier

half-sheet flier

November – Some Fundamentals

Nov. 8thWork Community Politics War

Nov. 15thThe Reproduction of Daily Life

Nov. 22nd At Daggers Drawn

Nov. 29thEF! Means Social War

Supplementary readings:

The Anarchist Tension

December – Anti-Civ (flier)

Dec. 6thFeral Revolution

Dec. 13thBloodlust

Dec. 20thAgainst History Against Leviathan (book)

Supplementary readings:

-End Game by Derrick Jensen (book)

-This World We must Leave (book)

Insurgent Desire (green anarchy online text archive)

January – Italian Insurrectionary (flier)

Jan. 3rdAgainst Domestication

Jan. 10thArmed Struggle in Italy and Armed Joy

Jan. 17thMore, Much More

Jan. 24thThe Undesirables

Jan. 31st The Insurrectional Project

Supplementary readings:

-Italy in the 60s and 70s

The Marini Trial

Revolutionary Solidarity

February – French Commune-ism

Feb. 7thCall

Feb. 14thHow is it to be done?

Feb. 21stReady-Made Artists and Human Strike

Feb. 28thPreliminary Materials on the Jeune Fille (coming soon)

Supplementary Readings:

The Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee (book)

Introduction to Civil War by TIQQUN (book)

Invisible Politics: An Introduction to Contemporary Communization by John Cunningham

Human Strike After Human Strike by Johann Kaspar (from Occupied London #4)

March – Occupations and Territory (flier)

Mar. 7th – Pick ax (movie screening)

Mar. 14thThe New School Occupation and Pre-occupied: the Logic of Occupation

Mar. 21th20 Thesis on the Subversion of the Metropolis

Mar. 28thNights of Rage (only available at the CCC)

Supplementary readings:

-Texts on the recent UC Santa Cruz occupations

-After the Fall (website) and Journal (copies available at the CCC and down-loadable)

April – Queer Theory

Apr. 4thToward the Queerest Insurrection

Apr. 11thTo Destroy Sexuality

Apr. 18thTowards a Gay Communism (only available at the CCC)

Apr. 25thGender Trouble (book)

It might be possible to find Gender Trouble at the Milwaukee Public Library (or more likely if people have access through a University) and if people made a request for it they would probably order a copy. Against History, Against Leviathan! however, can only be purchased from the Bookmobile or ordered from Black and Red.

Some fliers made thus far:


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[…] For those who are interested in further exploring the themes of each month there will also be supplementary or suggested readings accompanying the other texts for the month posted to the side link to the schedule at https://burntbookmobile.wordpress.com/winter-anarchist-discussion-schedule/ […]

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