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Summer Theory Discussion: The Society of the Spectacle

The format for the discussion series has changed (at least for the summer) to focus on reading books instead of shorter essays, although we will be discussing only sections at a time. The discussions will still be weekly, on Sundays, at the CCC, but will now be at 1pm. We’ll see how this goes.

The Society of the Spectacle:

May 2nd: Chapters 1-3 (-Separation Perfected -The Commodity as Spectacle -Unity and Division Within Appearances)

May 9th: Chapters 4-5 (-Proletariat as Subject and Representation -Time and History)

May 16th: Chapters 6-7 (-Spectacular Time -Environmental Planning)

May 23rd:
Chapters 8-9 (-Negation and Consumption in the Cultural Sphere -Ideology in Material Form)

May 30th: Comments on the Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord and Marginal Notes on Comments on the Society of the Spectacle by Giorgio Agamben

Copies of these texts will be available at the CCC for free (in zine form) and for sale (in book form). Or downloaded from here