Burnt Bookmobile

Perversity, Bio-politics, Commune

Event description from the presenter:

“What’s better than sitting on fetlife uploading photo’s of your freshly blackened ass.
Miss filth and glitter holding the cane that bruises your pretty cheeks.

Come out to UWMilwaukee room 344 this October 30th at 7pm for a night of mischief, BDSM, queers, theory, and orgies. Miss. F&G will talk on renewed considerations for BDSM and Queerness as a form of bio-political resistance, and the use of orgies and play parties to build stronger friendships.

Don’t forget you safe word”

(A safe word is a word other than no that used in BDSM to tell someone to stop. Notice the whipped Jesus on the flier.  He must have forgotten his. And Fetlife is a social networking website for people who are into fetish and BDSM.)