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Trash tabloid “news”paper in Athens attacked in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists; Exarcheia residents fight back
10/15/2009, 3:25 PM
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From the Occupied London Blog:

““Espresso” is a tabloid so-called “news”paper in Athens, the sort of greek equivalent of “the Sun” in the UK or “Bild” in Germany. In-between soft-core porn and showbiz “news”, the paper has developed a habit of publishing the names of people arrested – but not convicted – for various, mostly political cases, in a clear defiance of even the state’s own laws. The paper’s immunity stands largely thanks to some of its very convenient links to the greek state: A “journalist” of Espresso was previously the spokesperson of the ministry of public order (in charge of the police force). When the police arrested and charged four youths for the conspiracy of the cells of fire case, Espresso was quick to assume their guilt and even publish “juicy” articles on the supposed relationships between the accused.

Shortly after noon today, around ten people arrived outside the headquarters of “Espresso”. Armed with pots, hammers, crowbars and sticks they smashed the glass facade of the building and trashed some of the cars parked right outside, while writing slogans in solidarity with the accused for the “conspiracy cells” case.

Pictures on Athens IMC

Meanwhile, in the police-occupied neighbourhood of Exarcheia, the residents have started taking things in their own hands. Seeing that the police are trying to build a heavier permanent presence in the area, an impromptu daily meeting has been called for 7.30pm every evening at the neighbourhood’s square, with only one immediate demand: Cops out of Exarcheia!”