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General Strike Banner Drop In NYC
04/30/2012, 6:08 PM
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A Statement From the 90 5th Avenue Occupation (NYC New School Occupation)

“As we are continually and violently pushed out of public spaces, the people of this city must find new spaces in which to foster dialogue, learn and engage politically. Private spaces must be liberated; the movement must expand. We students, educators and members of the broader public have come together to occupy this space, seeking to transform it into a place of public education, safe and open to all.

Much of the repression of this movement has been conducted under the pretense of public health and safety. We, the occupiers, declare that we have the utmost concern for the safety and well-being of this occupation and its participants. New School President David Van Zandt and the New School Administration have expressed concerns that we observe the building’s fire code. We share these concerns. Licensed fire guards are included among the occupiers and we will continue to take the necessary steps to prevent harm from coming to anyone.

We reiterate that this occupation is not a New School action; this building actually belongs to Wells Fargo, whose role in the current economic crisis is well-known. We are occupying a building: and we, as occupiers, are not solely students – we are workers, teachers, students, unemployed, under-employed, indebted and exploited. We are creating a common space that will eventually be open to all. In addition to the people’s university, the CUNY adjunct project, and the all-city student assembly, we are in the process of planning a series of open teach-ins and events.”


Anarchy in America?

New York ’75 and Wisconsin ’11: The Lessons of Austerity

Written by some friends offering suggestions learned from a similar anti-austerity struggle in New York in 1975.

All across the country, eyes have been set upon the struggles of Wisconsin’s public workers against the imposition of austerity and the abrogation of collective bargaining rights. The solidarity shown by broad segments of Wisconsin’s working class—from teachers to firefighters, from steelworkers to clerical workers—has been an inspiration. As of this writing, workers in Ohio have begun to mobilize against similar proposals by the Governor of their state. It is clear that the militant actions of Wisconsin workers are having, and will have, a resounding effect upon how others across the country react to savage attacks on public sector employees.

The situation in Wisconsin has reached an impasse. The most militant force in these protests, the massive wildcat sick-outs by rank-and-file teachers, has been reigned in by union officials. It is unclear if the momentum of the protests in Madison can be sustained as Democratic Party representatives essentially filibuster the ‘budget repair bill’ by refusing to attend the legislature. There are conflicting tendencies within the labor union leadership: on the one hand, officials have already consented to sweeping concessions on pay and benefits; on the other hand, the South Central Labor Federation has endorsed a call for a general strike in the near future.

The lives of tens of thousands of Wisconsin workers are in the balance. But it is not merely these workers and their families who will feel the consequences of this brutal offensive by politicians in the service of capital. The workers of Wisconsin are on the front lines of an assault that affects us all. Indeed, history has shown that attacks on public unions are an attack on the entirety of the working class.

After all, union participation in the private sector continues to decline, while concessions by labor leaders and service cutbacks are commonplace across the country. States like New York, New Jersey and California face even bigger budget deficits than Wisconsin. For this reason, the developments in Madison are a test case for what will happen across the country.

Fortunately, history provides important lessons on how to fight back against austerity. In New York City, in the mid-1970s, municipal workers faced a similar assault and, despite the heroic response of the rank-and-file, they failed to stem the tide.

What can we learn from their struggle?

And how can we use that knowledge to arm ourselves against this current onslaught in Wisconsin and beyond?

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New York Solidarity Actions for Dave Solidarity
07/22/2010, 11:58 PM
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Posted to Anarchist news:

“We sent our warmest revolutionary greetings to Dave Solidarity while he finished the last day of his prison sentence (July 19, 2010) for a parole violation stemming from his capture after a 2006 arson attack on a Army recruitment center. As a welcome home gift, we ravaged some of the tasteless, gaudy condos in the neighborhood where he normally lives, works, and struggles. In solidarity with Dave, against the on-going gentrification process, and driven by a general sense of aesthetic responsibility, we took it upon ourselves to burst a few of those glass encrusted blemishes infesting Brooklyn like an unsightly rash, so that once he returns home, he could enjoy the discriminating attention to detail that went into our exterior decorating project; urban renewal at its finest.

“The lowest circles of hell are reserved for those who desert their comrades.”
-The Black Liberation Army

In this miserable world, structured completely by exploitation and domination, all relationships from the intimate to the professional, bear the immanent mark of oppression, and subsequently, each connection between individuals is crafted solely for the furtherance of personal interest and shameless self-promotion. Hypocrisy, betrayal, and deceit are the predominant values upheld by this class-divided society and unfortunately penetrate each and every fragile bond tying submissive beings together. It is a fantastic ideological dream to believe the radical milieu is exempt from the prevailing moral order of the day, especially considering how the useless sub-culture is, almost entirely, propagated by snitches, megalomaniacs, and sycophants; a disgusting race of sub-human animals. Whether squeaking rats led by vanity or docile sheep controlled by crowd psychology, the milieu is a den of parasites living off the most petite-bourgeoisie forms of gossip. We despise each species equally and the lack of revolutionary solidarity extended from the scene only increases our disdain for its four-legged creatures. Holding back for a month, anticipating an expression of solidarity from Dave’s supposed “comrades,” we could no longer wait for their cue.

Revolutionary solidarity, as a lived and demonstrative concept, is the double movement against spectacular society, which simultaneously, solidifies a cohesion uniting comrades in struggle. It positions itself beyond the fragile and temporary alliances and like alloyed metals conjoined and hardened to then be molded into the serrated edge of a blade, solidarity is the combined, deadly weapon we press against the perspiring throat of the existent. Dave separated himself from the vapid milieu, by placing himself above its dismal ethos, and attacked an Army recruitment center alone, without the approval of the self-appointed radical clergy. His courage and confidence in the face of inhuman repression fills us with the strength and energy to both single out and, most importantly, punish the enemy wherever they may slither: in their mansions, boardrooms, or precincts.

For these reasons, we displayed our revolutionary solidarity to Dave by attacking the Brooklyn parole office, where, after leaving federal prison, he was forced to regularly report to then be repeatedly degraded by the slime working in the – now tarnished – building. And after we finished our own dirty work, we left “Destroy Prisons” spray-painted on the building’s door and “we can’t stop, won’t stop” our job until all jails are totally destroyed.

“His liberty is full of threats to all;
To you yourself, to us, to everyone.”

– Claudius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

To the State and its mindless servants, please do not concentrate solely on the malice in our voice, as we will only relay this once: if you dare lay one more finger on Dave, we will not hesitate to saw your worthless appendage clean off. The parole office we attacked; consider it a warning and the NYPD mural we defaced; consider it a message of caution. Let it be known: if any of our comrades are even issued a parking ticket, then you will have made the decision for us. In other words, you yourself will open the door, and we will nonetheless proceed to rip it off the hinges, by inaugurating a new, persistent and diffused urban strategy of sabotage guided by the unlimited vision and experiential knowledge to successfully clog, interrupt, and dislodge the conduits and the blood-slicked arteries of the metropolis. We said it before, and you can be sure, we are still keeping count:

An eye for two eyes. A tooth for the whole face.”


New York Anarchist Book Fair (where we will be tomorrow)
04/16/2010, 11:44 AM
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As much as we love selling things and being anarchists…

We’re tabling tomorrow at the New York Anarchist Book Fair with these fools.

When we get back we may not have many books left (hopefully), but that should mean we’ll be getting a lot of new things in and restocking old things. This might mean also that the general stock of what we do carry will be changing (most of it will remain the same). We are planning on doing a large Semiotext(e) order, getting new and old editions of End Notes, more books from Ardent Press, and other places.