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Critical Negativity Discussion Series

Weaving two seemingly divergent themes together through various conceptions of sovereignty, October will focus on the relationship and subsequent separation between humans and animals through the lens of domestication and civilization, while November will focus on questions of conflict – both as the fabric that maintains the present and the force that may tear it asunder.

1pm on Saturdays at the CCC (732 E Clarke St.)

October: Critical Animal Studies

‘The Snake’ by D.H. Lawrence (plain text)
9th ‘The Animal That Therefore I Am’ by Jacques Derrida (book)
16th ‘The Open’ by Giorgio Agamben (book)
23rd ‘On Behalf of the Barbarians’ by Bleu Marin (zine)

November: War, Violence and Enmity

6th ‘Theory of the Partisan’ by Carl Schmitt (zine)
13th ‘Introduction to Civil War’ by Tiqqun (book) zine version
20th ‘Nomadology: The War-Machine’ By D & G (zine)
27th ‘Archeology of Violence’ by Pierre Clastres (book)

This series is perhaps considerably less introductory than previous anarchist oriented and theory discussion series that we’ve attempted, though anyone who is interested is certainly welcome to participate. Most of the texts will be available for free to pick up beforehand from the CCC or can be found online to download (and linked to from this post and if made into zines will be added to the zine archive).

Many of the texts can be found here



…A new ambitious and awesome looking study group starting in Milwaukee. Locations of the discussions will be posted as soon as they are available.

“a group for queer theory and praxis to meet every Thursday to share the most negative/queer critique, complicity, and gestures of ultra-violence.”

May 6th – History of Sexuality vol. 1 by Michel Foucault
May 13th – Unlimited Intimacy by Tim Dean *
May 20th – Sick, Burn, Cut by Deran Ludd *
May 27th – The Screwball Asses by Guy Hocquenghem
June 3rd – Epistemology of the Closet by Eve Sedgwick *
Junde 10th – Exile and Pride by Eli Clare *
June 17th – Hannibal Lecter, my Father by Kathy Acker*
June 24th – Touching Feeling by Eve Sedgwick
July 1st – My Words to Victor Frankenstein… by Susan Stryker
July 8th – Homosexual Desire by Guy Hocquenghem *
July 15th – No Future by Lee Edelman*
July 22nd – Terrorist Assemblages by Jasbir Puar*
July 29th – Cruising Utopia by Jose Munoz*
August 6th – Valencia by Michelle Tea
August 12th – Queer Phenoenology by Sara Ahmed*
August 12th – The Reification of Desire by Kevin Floyd*
August 26th – Is the Rectum a Grave by Leo Bersani


Texts marked with an * may prove difficult to come by
freely. But the lumpenproletariart is ceaseless and will
make crude photocopies upon request. All other texts can
be found at most libraries, on the internet (a.aaarg.org)