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Some newly formatted zines of note
03/19/2010, 8:40 PM
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The City in the Female Gender by Lia Magale

From Autonomia: post-political politics

The Coming Community by Giorgio Agamben

“For your viewing (and printing) pleasure, we present the Coming Community by Giorgio Agamben… this zine will look really, really cool poking out of your sidebag, especially if you “splurge” on the color cover. Trust us.

Part of a series of 3… the rest coming soonish…”

(thanks to our friend, Yadira)


Radio Alice Film ‘Lavorare con lentezza’ Screening at the CCC (tonight…)
02/11/2010, 12:45 PM
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I know this is a bit late…

“Italy 1970’s – a period of massive social conflict. Two young people take a job digging a tunnel for another person’s bank heist out of a shared detest for the work that left one’s father dead and the other’s dead alive in the factory. While digging, they become intrigued by the messages coming from pirate radio station 100.6FM radio alice. In seeking out the station and eventually helping to contribute content, the two are exposed to a smattering of (anti)political ideas and ways of living. In the end, it is left up to the viewers to sort through and pick out which ideas hold value and which should be guarded against.”


January flier and Schedule for the winter anarchist discussion series

January – Italian Insurrectionary

Jan. 3rdAgainst Domestication

Jan. 10thArmed Struggle in Italy and Armed Joy

Jan. 17thMore, Much More

Jan. 24thThe Undesirables

Jan. 31st The Insurrectional Project

What is now described as insurrectionary anarchism largely developed as a response to an intense period of autonomous class conflict and clandestine armed struggle against the state and capitalism in the 1960s and 70s, and their subsequent repression and failures.  This produced a questioning and rethinking of forms of organization, forms of struggle, etc, and also a theoretical and lived pratice of insurrectionary means.