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Not Bored #41 (Book about Guy Debord and “The Tarnac Nine”)

The Burnt Bookmobile now has copies of Not Bored issue #41 which unlike most other issues was printed as a book. They are $7 dollars per copy.

It contains:

“1. Never-before-translated texts by Debord.
2. News accounts of the selling of his archives.
3. Defenses of Debord against various “post-Modern” theorists.
4. Texts by or about the Invisible Committee, who are thought to be influenced by Debord.
5. Texts by or about the Tarnac Nine, who are thought to be the author(s) of “The Coming Insurrection.””

The Not Bored website functions as an archive of both old issues of Not Bored and many of previously untranslated situationist related texts.