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Willful Disobedience

Ardent press is compiling texts from various issues of the influential insurrectionary anarchist journal Willful Disobedience edited by Wolfi Landstreicher which is to be published as a book.¬† Wolfi’s writing has been very foundational for the development of insurrectionary ideas and practice within the US, by either introducing texts by Italians (who had been writing and thinking through these ideas since the 70s) and others that he translated through the Venomous Butterfly project or with his own personal egoist influenced writings which offered critique as a massive unshackling from the chains of¬† vapid anti-corporatism and activist practices (among other things) that were dominant and a holdover from the anti-globalization era.

We’ll be ordering and getting them in as soon as their available.

Here’s the introduction from the first volume:

“Willful Disobedience is intended to express ideas that are part of my life projectuality. It is an explicitly anarchic project in the sense that it opposes to every form of authority with the self-¬≠determination of individuals who refuse all domination; it is insurrectionary in its recognition that authority must be attacked and destroyed as an essential part of the project of creating our lives for ourselves based upon our desires. That means that this project is not a forum for democratic dialogue in which all ideas are equal and therefore equally vapid … The understanding of anarchic insurgence underlying this project is as follows:

Within the present social context our lives as individuals have been made alien to us, because society creates interactions and activities for us which are not based on the singularity of our unconstrained dreams and desires, but only serve the continuing reproduction of society by channeling the energy of desire into that reproduction through a variety of institutions and systems which integrate to form civilized society: the state, capital, work, technology, religion, education, ideology, law … Opposition to this begins when we as individuals rise up in willful disobedience and recognize the necessity of attacking and destroying all institutions of domination, not as a cause, but for ourselves, because we want to create our own games…”