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February Winter Anarchist Discussion: French Commune-ism

This month focuses on the contemporary theoretical contributions of the French comrades of Tiqqun, the Invisible Committee, etc who make strategic proposals for the current biopolitical conditions of social war. These texts deal with the physical life of humans and identity as a terrain of civil war, decategorization as a tactical necessity, and friendship as a weapon, to name just a few things…

If you’ve ever been interested in or confused by these ideas (human-strike, whatever singularity, form-of-life, civil war, etc), please come.

All texts are available at the CCC (732 e Clarke st.) or here to print out.

Feb. 7thCall

Feb. 14thHow is it to be done?

Feb. 21stReady-Made Artists and Human Strike

Feb. 28th – Preliminary Materials on the Jeune Fille (coming soon)

“human strike

after human strike, to reach

the insurrection,

where there is nothing but,

where we are all,


-How is it to be done?