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UW-Milwaukee Theatre Building Indefinitely Occupied

We’re writing from inside UWM’s Peck Theatre building which is currently being indefinitely and openly occupied by between 50 and 100 people. The occupation is happening after over a thousand students, TAs and faculty members walked-out of the University of Milwaukee. Those participating in the walk-out and subsequent march held banners reading “School’s out Forever” and “Strike, Occupy, Takeover” among other things. The stated intent of the occupation is to act in solidarity with those occupying the capital building in Madison, those striking and resisting austerity in the Midwest, and with the uprisings throughout the Middle East. People have announced a dance party later tonight. There is food and music and riot porn being projected on the walls. In general the atmosphere is festive and relaxed. A lot of people are socializing or re-decorating the space. Some adorable senior citizens brought us cheesecake as a token of their solidarity with the struggle. The general sentiment among the occupiers is to extend the occupation as long as possible. Word has reached us of an occupation on the UW campus in Beloit. (More info later)

We graciously request from comrades abroad:

-Pizza, Soda, Snacks (to be delivered to the UW-Milwaukee Theatre building)
-Incendiary propaganda relating to crisis, austerity and occupation
-Sweet Dance Mixes
-More occupations, strikes, walk-outs and sick-outs
-Love letters
-And anything else you have access to in abundance.

Fuck Scott Walker them all.

Packages can be addressed to:

732 e. Clarke Street
Milwaukee, WI

Plus a few people went wild and made this list of demands. Both “nothing” and “everything” are demanded.


Winter Anarchist Discussion Schedule (small flier)

(This is a bit of a copy of the flier Liam made for the Social Justice or Social War event, but was made just to screw around with design)

Winter Anarchist Discussion Schedule (MKE)

A clandestine hoard of miscreants and nerds is excited to announce the return of an anarchist discussion group, just in time for winter. As the frigid specter approaches, we recommend keeping warm with cozy anarchist literature, heated discussions of theory and praxis and copious amounts of tea. Each month until spring corresponds to a particular topic for discussion. With each approaching month, a more specific weekly schedule will be announced and all relevant texts will be made available at the Cream City Collectives and through the Burnt Bookmobile. November will begin as an exploration of hell-on-earth and some potential ways out. Discussions will be informed by the specified readings – thus reading the texts is encouraged (and fun), but not necessary. Everyone is welcome!

November – some fundamentals

Nov 8 Work Community Politics War
A graphic guide to the banality of life in capitalist hell and constituting conflict willfully against it.

Nov 15 The Reproduction of Daily Life
If you don’t have time to read Marx’s Capital, read this in only half an hour.

Nov 22At Daggers Drawn
You may have been wondering about what all this insurrectionary magnetic poetry floating around is all about…

Nov 29Earth First! Means Social War
This zine has been clinically proven to dispel all myths regarding green capitalism (formerly known as ethical consumerism).

All zines will be available on this website to download and print out.