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5 year anniversary for the CCC, an anti-authoritarian social center in Milwaukee


Knife Pen Collusion

This is a site that collects some of the writing from a Milwaukee writers group that meets at the CCC every Sunday at 4pm. The group is open to anyone who wants to come, share writing they’re working on and receive feedback or work on writing exercises.

The ways of the pen and the ways of the knife, may they collude together.


CCC 4 Year Anniversary Block Party

5-10pm at the CCC (732 E Clarke St.) September 24th

There will be people hanging out, sharing refreshments, listening to music, and so on, to celebrate the 4 years of this Milwaukee anti-authoritarian social center being in existence.

“The block party that has been 4 years in the making…

Pink Houses, Temple, Living and Wrestling, DJ A Herd Of Kittens, The Newyorker

Food and Refreshments:
? and root beer floats.

Like hanging out, sitting on the ground, talking, staring at each other, playing four square in the street, bike jousting, and so on.

If you’re interested in helping to promote this please stop by the CCC for fliers to help put around the city and neighborhood. If you’re interested in helping with the actual organization of the event please come to any of weekly Tuesday meetings starting at 3:30pm at the CCC. And, if you’re interested in physically setting up the event or cleaning the space please show up on the 24th around 3 or 4pm.”

May Day Block Party at the CCC

…That anti-capitalist holiday.



at the CCC

May 1st


-World’s Smallest Puzzle  -Alamút -Cedarwell -Sir Pinkerton of Dead Man’s Carnival -Live Djing -and more


-You know like hanging out…


-For free

Winter (early spring) Anarchist Discussion Schedule: Queer Theory



at the CCC (732 E Clarke St.)

Apr. 4thToward the Queerest Insurrection

Apr. 11thTo Destroy Sexuality

Apr. 18thTowards a Gay Communism (only available at the CCC)

Apr. 25thGender Trouble (book)

This is the last month of scheduled discussions.  People have talked about either continuing with new topics (some ideas being: situationist theory, feminism, identity politics, etc) starting next month, taking a break from the series for a bit, or being open to changing the format.  Also people should be reminded that Gender Trouble is a book length text so they might want to start and give themselves a little more time to finish.  There are copies of the book at the CCC, in the Burnt Bookmobile distro, online and at multiple libraries in Milwaukee.

Supplementary readings may be posted soon…

December Flier for the winter anarchist discussion schedule