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what’s it all about comrade?

1) We are not interested in spreading a certain consciousness, solidifying an ideology or categorization (be it anarchism, communism, or the latest radical academic commodity), but instead building a common means and a communicability of these means through the practice of a shared struggle.

2) We share a desire to arm ourselves with a critical articulation of the world in order to produce ourselves as weapons against this growing garbage dump/concentration camp/civilization/capital. As one of our friends said “The only possible basis for understanding this world is to oppose it; and such opposition will be neither genuine nor realistic unless it contests the totality.”

3) We are entirely unsatisfied, with an understanding of the impossibility for this world to satisfy us, and we are looking for friends (that lost human community). Communism / anarchy means to never be alone again.

4) We sense that our qualitative becoming whatever we desire is something monstrous, something that we ourselves barely understand, and that capital is certainly inherently incapable of as well (as it is only capable of selling a pale image of what is most raw and exciting in “our desire” back to us).

5) We are at our most banal behavior when we are limited to the logic of the commodity form, as the service we provide in the exchange of the products you may buy from us, or those which we may buy for you. It is acknowledged that even when we give “things” away, it is often seen as another product. However, hidden in despite and outside this relation is something that at least hints at the above motivations.

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