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Perhaps the most exciting elements of the events of today have been the wildcat strike of teachers and the massive walk-outs of students and workers. Hundreds of schools remain closed across the state as thousands of teachers and students call in sick and refuse to go to work and school. Teachers get together for drinks and to talk about the revolution, high school students spend the day in the park or march to the university to join occupations, janitors spend the day at home in bed, college kids get together to dance and gossip. Where usually our days would be spent on the ceaseless future of capital, today was ours. It almost feels like spring, and we can do with it as we please.

Put another way, we are trapped in a zero-sum game with the economy. Wherever the economy functions, it is impossible for us to determine our lives for ourselves. Any situation wherein our lives are our own would necessitate the immediate cessation or obstruction of the economy. The value of the sick day strike isn’t found in the message it sends, but rather in the direct ways it blocks the machinations of capital and makes space for our own activity. We must now concern ourselves with the expansion and continuation of the joy of the sick day. Only on days like today can we even begin to imagine what a world outside capital could feel like. Let’s call in sick forever!

– Wisconsin in exile, February 17


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Your propaganda should focus on the following things:
1) What to do after the bill is passed
2) What to do if the bill is parceled up into bits, making it less shocking and unifying
3) Evoke an aesthetic of anger and resentment, playing off of betrayal, not catering to wonder and childish fantasy as above. Do people really want to spend the day in bed? They are fighting right now, not being lazy.
4) Cater to different groups, students and younger people on the one hand who might be drawn in for different reasons than the older public sector types.

It’s all about action right now, so get rid of the analysis and focus on the how to get it done question.

Comment by comrade x

Seriously, what is that picture? It’s a foreclosure of possibility that anyone will take what you are saying seriously.

A final word on the visual, you need different things. Things that look cool for younger people, tight and organized for older people, not weird and obscure. This is the time when you can break through the marginality, so don’t box yourselves in with alt-punk, art nonsense.

Comment by comrade x

according to someone who was near the infoshop lending library where a lot of these fliers were, older people really liked them.

Comment by madisonian

It makes sense to make proposals for what to do regardless if the bill is passed and push beyond this logic that merely responds to the democratic processes of those in positions of power. I also understand the concern of paying attention to when the bill passes and that one must see this as a strategic opportunity to act within.

The aesthetic concerns are legitimate and would be good to incorporate. I wasn’t the person who wrote it or designed the poster. I’m fine with allowing them to produce it in a manner which resonates with them. Would you want to design another version?

Many people would rather spend the day in bed rather than work. This fact is easily established. It would also be hard to deny that inoperativity, on the part of the worker, is necessarily a part of the inoperativity of capital. No one is arguing that we should stay in bed and never find moments to meet, talk and act in ways that we would not consider lazy.

What’s the point of analysis if we’re merely wandering through the dark occasionally bumping into one another? I do not see a point in disconnecting activity from a conception of the world that produces and is produced by it. This specific moment calls for both simple proposals for activity and strategic interventions into discourses that only act to maintain the normal of this situation. Yet, the primacy of activity as a means to communicate and create a greater realm of possibility is an obvious fact.

Thank you.

Comment by toutniquer

Comrade, I value your thoughts but completely disagree with your perspective. Programs are dead. Telling people what to do is dead. The twentieth century is dead. It seems like now experimenting with revolt in the present not in terms of stakhanovites and programs (we will never be the best revolutionaries) but rather in terms of refusal is much more appealing.

Comment by abiezercoppe

I took them to be very well meaning proposals.

Comment by toutniquer

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