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The Capital In Madison has been Occupied for the last three days

According to people who were there, the Capital building in Madison has been occupied for the last 3 days by students, workers and unions who are angered by the proposed cuts and legislation effecting the collective bargaining rights of state employees. Governor Scott Walker has threatened to deploy the national guard to police the picket lines, or respond to whatever may happen. But thus far, the Governor apparently fled and has been hiding in his parents house since this all started on Monday.

A text that has been floating around and passed out read:

“Crisis isn’t simply what happens to us. We aren’t victims with no agency who desire a return to a capitalism that works. We understand that capitalism is working. This is what it does. But what do we do? How do we escape the order of established politics and protest and enter into resistance? How do we render the world which alienates us inoperative and become a force capable of being the contradiction that tears it apart? How shall we become the crisis?

We propose: Choose to be partisans in this war which has already started. Block the economy, strike, occupy, and sabotage.

We respond to Scott Walker, his policies, and what he represents, but we must become a force that makes all positions of power obsolete. It will then no longer matter what politicians think or do. It will only matter what we do.”


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