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A Story From Paris
10/22/2010, 1:08 PM
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An excerpt from a BBC article:

“Every morning for the last 10 days, the headmaster at the Lycée Sophie-Germain in the desirable Marais district of Paris has arrived to find a pyramid of rubbish containers piled up against the entrance to the building.

Student leaders take it in turns to climb to the top of the pyramid and harangue their friends with talk of strikes and blockades. Those wishing to attend school are turned away.

The story of the “lycée under siege”, and its “suffering headmaster” Michel Vaudry, was told in Le Monde newspaper.

“The worst day was the first, Tuesday, when about 50 troublemakers came, some with death-masks on, some in hoods or with their faces hidden. They attacked us with an almost military precision,” Mr Vaudry said.

“They forced us against the entrance with the container-bins, which we were trying to remove, then they started flinging bins and barriers right in our faces … We had to take refuge inside the school.”

On another occasion, Mr Vaudry said he was confronted by a young man who was not from the lycée but was clearly organising the protests.

The man took his ground in front of the headmaster and said: “I can’t work out what it is that is stopping me planting my fist in your face!”

What is it that makes French students revolt so?”


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