Burnt Bookmobile

The Best Buttons in North America

During the New York Anarchist Book Fair this weekend we got a chance to meet and talk to some Greek anarchists from the Void Network who have been doing a US tour speaking about Greece and a new book they helped edit called We Are An Image From the Future and they claim that the Burnt Bookmobile has the best buttons in North America… We were very flattered. But according to other sources we heard we lost the title of best zine distro to our friends: Yadira Lopez, Fanny Glass and others from Bloomington. We have a game to step up.

We did end up selling out of a number of things, so the catalog has been updated accordingly. And like we had been talking about in the last post, we’ll also be getting in a number of new titles. Some of what we had is now out of print, and unless we can either print more ourselves or find extra copies, that was the last of them (A Crime Called Freedom, End Notes volume 1).


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“I looked through your magazine and I was repelled by the title, Semiotext(e). It’s so dry, you just want to throw it in the trash, which I did. Listen: Hatred of Capitalism would be a much better title. It’s stunning. The world is starving for thoughts. If you can think of something, the language will fall into place, but the thought is what’s going to do it.”

—Jack Smith

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not sure why this is a comment in response to a post about buttons…

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