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…A new ambitious and awesome looking study group starting in Milwaukee. Locations of the discussions will be posted as soon as they are available.

“a group for queer theory and praxis to meet every Thursday to share the most negative/queer critique, complicity, and gestures of ultra-violence.”

May 6th – History of Sexuality vol. 1 by Michel Foucault
May 13th – Unlimited Intimacy by Tim Dean *
May 20th – Sick, Burn, Cut by Deran Ludd *
May 27th – The Screwball Asses by Guy Hocquenghem
June 3rd – Epistemology of the Closet by Eve Sedgwick *
Junde 10th – Exile and Pride by Eli Clare *
June 17th – Hannibal Lecter, my Father by Kathy Acker*
June 24th – Touching Feeling by Eve Sedgwick
July 1st – My Words to Victor Frankenstein… by Susan Stryker
July 8th – Homosexual Desire by Guy Hocquenghem *
July 15th – No Future by Lee Edelman*
July 22nd – Terrorist Assemblages by Jasbir Puar*
July 29th – Cruising Utopia by Jose Munoz*
August 6th – Valencia by Michelle Tea
August 12th – Queer Phenoenology by Sara Ahmed*
August 12th – The Reification of Desire by Kevin Floyd*
August 26th – Is the Rectum a Grave by Leo Bersani


Texts marked with an * may prove difficult to come by
freely. But the lumpenproletariart is ceaseless and will
make crude photocopies upon request. All other texts can
be found at most libraries, on the internet (a.aaarg.org)


Solidarity actions for G. Dimitrakis and Alfredo Bonanno

(The video above is from the Greek embassy in London.)

More solidarity actions

Police Abolition March in Portland
04/28/2010, 5:13 PM
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Although I think a lot of the language can’t escape being Portland in its problematic anti-corporatist and reformist critique, the anti-police riots are surprising and inspiring both in that they happened at all and that they continue.

From Portland IMC:

“We took to the streets yet again last night (4/26). This was an anarchist police abolition march, which meant no reformist chants and no holding back. We went to the military recruitment center on 14th and Broadway, smashed every available window, and pelted the computers. This target is relevant because soldiers are the cops of the world. Just as the Portland Police commit racist hate crimes and enforce and oppressive social order, so to do soldiers abroad.

We also hit two Wells Fargo bank branches. Wells Fargo is the largest financial backer of G.E.O. group, which owns a majority of the privatized prisons in North America. G.E.O. group owns the northwest immigrant detention center in Tacoma, which every year kills immigrants through deplorable living conditions and denial of medical services.

A Bank of America branch was smashed as well. Their recklessness alongside other banks has caused a crisis of foreclosure and unemployment that is endemic of capitalism.”

From Portland police:

“Last night at approximately 9:45 p.m., Portland Police Officers from North Precinct responded to the Northeast Broadway area on reports of approximately 50 people marching in the street and vandalizing businesses. Witnesses reported that the large group was dressed in black clothing and were throwing rocks. The Starbucks located at 1510 NE Broadway was targeted and sustained damage to two windows that had rocks thrown at them. The US Military Recruiting Center at 1317 NE Broadway was also targeted and their front glass door was shattered. Suspects entered the building and spread garbage around the office. A large bench was also destroyed and numerous large rolling trash bins were rolled out onto the street in an attempt to stop traffic.

Witnesses reported seeing the protesters discarding their clothing once police started arriving.

The Portland Police Bureau has taken other reports over the last several weeks of vandalism to businesses in other Portland neighborhoods. On April 12, 2010, Portland Police Officers from Central Precinct responded to a call of breaking glass and sounds of explosions near the 400 Block of SE 10th Avenue around 1:30 a.m. When officers arrived, they found graffiti and shattered windows on the side of the Multnomah County Department of Corrections Building located at 421 SE 10th Avenue. Officers found evidence that some type of burning or explosive device had also been used in the area. Witnesses reported to police that they saw subjects dressed in all black running from the area just prior to the police response.

Police believe these actions are the responsibility of anarchists in the area that also protested and vandalized businesses several weeks ago in downtown Portland. The Portland Police Bureau is preparing for similar acts throughout the week leading up to May 1.”



Summer Theory Discussion: The Society of the Spectacle

The format for the discussion series has changed (at least for the summer) to focus on reading books instead of shorter essays, although we will be discussing only sections at a time. The discussions will still be weekly, on Sundays, at the CCC, but will now be at 1pm. We’ll see how this goes.

The Society of the Spectacle:

May 2nd: Chapters 1-3 (-Separation Perfected -The Commodity as Spectacle -Unity and Division Within Appearances)

May 9th: Chapters 4-5 (-Proletariat as Subject and Representation -Time and History)

May 16th: Chapters 6-7 (-Spectacular Time -Environmental Planning)

May 23rd:
Chapters 8-9 (-Negation and Consumption in the Cultural Sphere -Ideology in Material Form)

May 30th: Comments on the Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord and Marginal Notes on Comments on the Society of the Spectacle by Giorgio Agamben

Copies of these texts will be available at the CCC for free (in zine form) and for sale (in book form). Or downloaded from here

The Best Buttons in North America

During the New York Anarchist Book Fair this weekend we got a chance to meet and talk to some Greek anarchists from the Void Network who have been doing a US tour speaking about Greece and a new book they helped edit called We Are An Image From the Future and they claim that the Burnt Bookmobile has the best buttons in North America… We were very flattered. But according to other sources we heard we lost the title of best zine distro to our friends: Yadira Lopez, Fanny Glass and others from Bloomington. We have a game to step up.

We did end up selling out of a number of things, so the catalog has been updated accordingly. And like we had been talking about in the last post, we’ll also be getting in a number of new titles. Some of what we had is now out of print, and unless we can either print more ourselves or find extra copies, that was the last of them (A Crime Called Freedom, End Notes volume 1).

New York Anarchist Book Fair (where we will be tomorrow)
04/16/2010, 11:44 AM
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As much as we love selling things and being anarchists…

We’re tabling tomorrow at the New York Anarchist Book Fair with these fools.

When we get back we may not have many books left (hopefully), but that should mean we’ll be getting a lot of new things in and restocking old things. This might mean also that the general stock of what we do carry will be changing (most of it will remain the same). We are planning on doing a large Semiotext(e) order, getting new and old editions of End Notes, more books from Ardent Press, and other places.

May Day Block Party at the CCC

…That anti-capitalist holiday.



at the CCC

May 1st


-World’s Smallest Puzzle  -Alamút -Cedarwell -Sir Pinkerton of Dead Man’s Carnival -Live Djing -and more


-You know like hanging out…


-For free