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Till the Clock Stops – crime, opacity, insurrection

This book compiles newly translated TIQQUN texts such as: Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Juene Fille, Theses on the Terrible Community, and others, plus original material by the editors. We should have copies of this for $7 dollars as soon as we receive them from Ardent press.

From the Ardent Press Description:

“What citizens are abandoned to in the guise of “existence” is no longer anything but a life or death effort to make themselves compatible with empire. But for the others, for us, each gesture, each desire, each affect encounters in some way the necessity of annihilating empire and its citizens.

On this criminal path, we take our time. What we are talking about here is nothing less than the constitution of war-machines.”


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lemme know when you’ve got the two zines posted below…and when this book comes out. plus i’m looking to get a new rolling thunder…

Comment by agro krag

We should have RT #9 in soon as well, but I think we’re phasing out most of our crimethinc stuff.

Comment by toutniquer

are these gonna be available by the event on the 13th?

Comment by reuqintuot

Possibly. It’s up to little black cart and the printers.

Comment by toutniquer

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