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After police attacks, German group claims link to Greek teen
12/08/2009, 2:27 AM
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According to Expatica:

“Hamburg — A left-wing group claimed responsibility for an attack on a German police station and linked it to the killing of a Greek teenager by an officer, in a letter published Sunday.

In the text sent to the daily Hamburger Morgenpost, a group calling itself “Koukoulofori,” Greek for “hoodie-wearers,” said it was behind the assault on a police station in the northern city of Hamburg Friday — two days before the anniversary of the teenager’s death.

The authors said they had aimed to take revenge for the killing in Greece of the teenager by a policeman on December 6, 2008 which sparked riots there, and threatened further attacks.

In the one-and-a-half-page letter, the group described Friday’s assault in Hamburg in detail and linked it to the “murder by a cop” of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos.

It said it would mount further attacks if a squatted building which is used as a cultural centre with ties to the far-left known as Rote Flora is forcibly closed, as authorities have threatened.

“We are convinced that if Rote Flora is evicted, a lively international little group from all corners of Europe will ensure a brilliant, unforgettable experience!”

Early Friday, 15 masked vandals attacked a police station in Hamburg, set two police cars ablaze, threw rocks at officers and the windows of the station and erected burning barricades. All escaped without being captured.

The same night, a federal police building in Berlin was firebombed and the facade of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s offices was vandalised. State police, however, saw no connection with the incident in Hamburg.

Violence broke out at demonstrations in Greece marking the anniversary on Sunday, including police clashes with hooded youths.

The 2008 riots caused millions of euros (dollars) in damage and badly discredited the conservative government, which was voted out of office in October.

The policeman accused of the killing is due to go on trial for homicide January 20.



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