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Attacks against police in Athens in defiance to PM’s plea for calm

From Libcom:

“Attacks against the police marked Friday 4/12 despite the Prime Minister’s public plea for calm. The tension in the capital city of Greece is high with more than 400 high-schools and 30 universities occupied across the country.

The greek Prime Minister’s public plea for calm in the light of the first anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulo’s murder and the subsequent uprising last year was nullified today as the police were attacked three times in a few hours in the city of Athens.

Minutes after noon two police patrols were attacked simultaneously in Exarcheia, the radical enclave of the greek capital. Radicals attacked the police with sticks and caused serious injuries to the officers, two of which have been hospitalised, one in bad condition. Following the attack strong riot police forces surrounded the area and several people have been detained but are being currently released.

Two hours later high-school students formed a march in the northern suburb of Chalandri to commemorate the assassination of 15 year old Alexandros by cops last year, the first of its kind two days before the actual anniversary. The students marched to the local police station and attacked it with rocks and oranges. During the melee two banks were also attacked. There have been no arrests or detentions.”

The anti-police attacks come to add to the electrified climate in greece where at the moment 400 high-schools and more than 30 universities are under occupation. The government has announced a zero tolerance plan, claiming that although the assassination has “scarred the collective memory” of the people, it will not allow Athens to be destroyed again. Friday’s session in parliament devolved into a brawl between parties concerning the measures taken and last December’s uprising, amidst scaremongering by the extreme-right that “thousands of foreign anarchists” are flooding the country with sinister intentions. On a more calm note, the President of the Republic has declared the state “guilty towards the youth”, urging once again for peace and reconciliation.


Also people interested in more up to date information the situation in Greece for the anniversary should check these websites:




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Things are looking pretty volatile in Greece.

“At the same time the occupations of universities across the country have risen to 50.”

I wonder what international gestures of complicity will happen this year?

Comment by wastebasket

At this point it seems hard to say what will happen or even how things are really going. Police are using last years failure to put an immediate stop to the destruction of Athens as a justification for being more and more like dictatorship that was so hated. Now that they’re a democracy the violence of the state can again regain its proper justification…

If this doesn’t last long I doubt the international community will have much time to respond. And a quick response to changes in conditions is something international or even local gestures are still very lacking in (although it’s nice to see the desire increasingly there more often).

Fingers crossed…

Comment by toutniquer

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