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Introduction to Civil War (as a book)

According to a well established source, Introduction to Civil War which appeared in the journal Tiqqun is being translated as a whole and made into the fifth book of the Semiotext(e) intervention series, of which The Coming Insurrection was the first.

Here is a zine designed by the IEF of the translated fragments.

11. “War” because in each singular play between forms-of-life, the possibility of a fierce confrontation—the possibility of violence—can never be discounted.

“Civil,” because the confrontation between forms-of-life is not a confrontation between States—those coincidences between a population and a territory—but between parties, in the sense this word had before the advent of the modern State. Because we must be precise from now on, let us say that they confront one another as partisan war machines.

“Civil war” then, because forms-of-life are indifferent to the separations between men from women, political existence from bare life, civilians from military;

because to be neutral is to take sides in the free play of forms-of-life;

because this play between forms-of-life has no beginning or end that can be declared, its sole end being the physical end of the world that no one would be able to declare;

and above all because I know of no body that is not hopelessly carried off into the excessive, and perilous, course of the world.


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Does anyone know what numbers 2-4 will be/are in the intervention series?

Comment by Larry

1: Invisible Committee: The Coming Insurrection
2: Christian Marazzi: The Violence of Financial Capitalism
3: Guy Hocqenghem: The Screwball Asses
4: Gerald Raunig: A Thousand Machines
5: Tiqqun: Introduction to Civil War

Comment by filthandglitter

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