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08/29/2009, 6:33 PM
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“AAAARG is a conversation platform – at different times it performs as a school, or a reading group, or a journal.

AAAARG was created with the intention of developing critical discourse outside of an institutional framework. But rather than thinking of it like a new building, imagine scaffolding that attaches onto existing buildings and creates new architectures between them.”

One might use this as an example of how the academic institutional discourse infiltrates life “outside” of itself, by contaminating the “non-institutional” with its structures, as well as what was stated as the reverse.  Why do we read these texts? Why are they important? Lately our friends have been flirting with and jumping into the accumulation of the discourse of critical theory, which doesn’t appear as a worthwhile endeavor in of itself.  Some of us have become excited by the idea of applying the profaning highway robber and theoretical hooligan as a model to this; to steal, salvage and use these concepts in whatever ways (especially inappropriate) that are useful to us, not whatever simply reproduces the discourse.

As they say: “When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”

It is at least a good source of critical theory that we don’t have to pay for…  There are a lot of interesting and important texts compiled and accessible for use here.



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