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Suspected Shoplifter Drowns in Milwaukee River
08/22/2009, 11:18 AM
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According to TMJ4:

“MILWAUKEE – A suspected shoplifter drowned in the Milwaukee River north of downtown Monday night.

A security guard, a store employee and an off-duty police detective chased him from the Blockbuster store on East Ogden Avenue.

The 34-year-old Milwaukee man ran west until he got to the river at the Pleasant Street Bridge. Police said he jumped from the bridge to evade apprehension, but did not resurface.

Witness Mary Fernandez said, “The guy gave chase and they were fighting more or less and that’s when the guy jumped into the river.”

The fire department’s dive rescue team pulled the man out of the river, but he died at the scene.

Police said the man was also wanted for a felony parole violation. He was identified as Jermaine Herron of Milwaukee.”



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This story seems very suspicious in that an off duty police officer and the man who was accused of shoplifting were fighting each other and immediately afterward this man drowns in the river. Either this man was driven to jump into the river, fell into the river during the altercation with the officer, was too hurt to be able to swim as a result of the fighting (maybe had a concussion), etc. Whatever the case this off duty police officer is responsible for someone’s death, and all for what would probably amount to no more than 100 dollars worth of merchandise from the store.

It’s also interesting how recent events have exposed an invisible police force of off duty police officers who can still respond to crimes, so the total police force is not only those who are on duty but the entire police employed by the city (yet it’s hard to tell the difference between an office duty police officer and vigilantee, which might in response lead to more irrational decisions on the part of those being chased).

Comment by toutniquer

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