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Wisconsin deemed a training ground for graffiti taggers
08/19/2009, 5:20 PM
Filed under: Milwaukee area

According to Local Fox News:

“WITI-TV, MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the person who tagged the Marquette Interchange recently. It was a bold move, but the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood services says Wisconsin is a training ground for taggers.

The Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services sends crews out to clean up graffiti everyday. No matter how many rolls of the roller or sprays of the paint, the city is fighting a losing battle.

Sharon Blando the Department of Neighborhood Services says, “In Wisconsin, the threshold level for a felony for doing graffiti is $2,500 in neighboring states as Illinois it’s $300.”

To meet requirements for a felony charge in Wisconsin, the tagger would have to do over eight times the amount of damage compared to a state like Illinois. The city says that actually makes our state a magnet for taggers wanting to hone their skills. Wisconsin Senator Jeff Plale says, “Like on spring break, you’ll see more taggers coming in from outlying states coming in to do their tags during that time. Maybe if the penalty threshold was the same, our taggers would go visit them instead.”

Senator Plale is trying to change that. He introduced a bill that would lower the felony threshold from $25,000 to a $1,000, and would increase the fine to possibly $10,000. The bill has failed twice already, but Plale hopes this scene on the M-change does just what the tagger intended gets attention.”

Video on this page


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