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Boss Beaten to Death as 30,000 Steel Workers Riot in China
07/26/2009, 4:44 PM
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According to AP:

“BEIJING β€” About 30,000 Chinese steel workers clashed with police over plans to merge their mill with another company, and beat a manager to death, a Hong Kong-based human rights group has said.

About 100 people were injured in the incident on Friday in the northeastern city of Tonghua, the Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said in a statement.

A police officer at the Tonghua Public Security Bureau’s control centre on Sunday confirmed to AFP that a clash took place, but refused to provide any details or comment on the reported death.

Company and local government officials were not immediately available for comment.

Tonghua Iron and Steel Group employees opposed plans for Beijing-based Jianlong Steel to take a 65 percent stake in the mill, the centre said, adding they accused Jianlong of mismanagement during temporary stewardship last year.

The Tonghua employees attacked Jianlong general manager Chen Guojun when he ordered them to return to work, the centre said, adding Chen’s friends had confirmed he had died after workers blocked an ambulance from responding.

The workers had complained about Chen’s alleged three-million-yuan (438,000-dollar) salary, as the mill’s pensioners received as little as 200 yuan (29 dollars) a month, the statement said.”

China has seen an increase in unrest recently due to rapid development and the current crisis (among many other factors), which manifest in either furious proletarian tornadoes such as this instance or sadly channeled into ethnic civil war between Han Chinese and Muslim minorities.

Some videos of recent rioting:




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