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And The War Has Only Just Begun
07/24/2009, 4:01 PM
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This video is a bit old, but still worth sharing with people who maybe not have seen it.  It was made by the imaginary party, who is either associated with or made up of some of the same people who worked on the Tiqqun journal, and possibly wrote The Coming Insurrection (TCI) as the Invisible Committee.  The text by itself is also interesting because it develops some thoughts on party as network of affinities, and the forming of affirming collectivities, which are later mentioned and further elaborated in Call and some of TCI.  Maybe there will be some little zines floating around of this soon.

Excerpt from the text:

“The sleep of our era
is not a good sleep that
provides rest.
It’s an anxious sleep
that leaves you feeling even
more worn out,
desiring only to go back
to sleep again,
to escape a little longer
this irritating reality.

There is a narcosis that begs
for an even deeper narcosis.

Those who, by luck or
awake from the prescribed sleep,
come into this world as
lost children.

Where are the words,
where is the house,
where are my ancestors,
where are my loves
and where are my friends?

There are none, my child.
Everything has to be built.

You must build the language
that you will live in,
You must build the house
where you’ll no longer be alone.
You must find the ancestors
who will make you more free,
and you must invent the new
sentimental education
through which once again,
you will love.

And all of this,
you must build it upon
the general hostility
because those who wake up
are the nightmare
of those who still sleep.

…supersession always comes
from elsewhere…”



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