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For the Oakland Commune

A letter of solidarity.

A Compilation of solidarity actions with long term anarchist prisoners Marie Mason and Eric Mcdavid

This kind of campaign doesn’t normally happen in the US and even though most of the actions do not take place within the Us, the fact that the call came from and the campaign was organized here is an interesting strategic development. Solidarity might really mean attack.

Argentina: atms vandalized

Waterloo, Canada: solidarity attack on developer

Peru: arson of a church

Cambridge, UK: bank vandalized

Vantaa, Finland: arson on railway security electronics

Olympia, WA USA: vandalism and sabotage

Guelph, Ontario Canada: developer sabotaged

Russia: series of arson attacks and sabotage

Riverwest General Assembly Called (neighborhood in Milwaukee)

This particular neighborhood has a long and vibrant anti-authoritarian, working class, bohemian, etc history. It could be very interesting to see what comes of this.

“For SOLIDARITY in Wisconsin and ACTION in the Neighborhood

-How can we act in solidarity with others across the state opposing austerity measures?

-What can we do to support those participating in strikes? What will it look like for  Riverwest to be on strike?

-How can we build relationships and projects of mutual and autonomy to meet our needs as a neighborhood?”

When: Thursday, March 10 6:30 to 9:30 (tomorrow)

Where: COA 909 E Garfield Room 40

Latest Statement From Occupied UW-Milwaukee

“We encourage the continued occupation of the state capitol building in Madison as well as the theatre building at UWM.

We call for the further occupations of workplace, university and government buildings.

We endorse and call for a general strike and will stand in solidarity with all who participate.”

DOC building attacked in Asheville, NC
12/01/2010, 12:26 PM
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Posted to Anarchist News:

“Nov. 24 in the dead of night, we attacked the Department of Corrections (DOC): Division of Community Corrections on McDowell St. in Asheville, NC.

Six DOC vehicles were disabled. Their tires were slashed and their windows destroyed with glass etching fluid. “Burn the Prisons” and a circled A were scrawled across DOC building’s veneer.

This building oversees the administration of probation and forced drug texts. It is one institutional position of the DOC. It is linked to the Prison Industrial Complex, and the police apparatus. We did this as an attack against this institution in particular and the police apparatus in general. We did this as an act of revolutionary solidarity with comrade Eric Oseland, comrade David Japenga, and comrade Alfredo Bonanno, who was recently released from Greek Prison.

In a world dominated by these institutions and saturated by police, we did this to show that we will not be neutralized, and that it is absolutely possible and imperative that we fight these motherfuckers.

Love and solidarity with all prisoners and POWs in social war”

New York Solidarity Actions for Dave Solidarity
07/22/2010, 11:58 PM
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Posted to Anarchist news:

“We sent our warmest revolutionary greetings to Dave Solidarity while he finished the last day of his prison sentence (July 19, 2010) for a parole violation stemming from his capture after a 2006 arson attack on a Army recruitment center. As a welcome home gift, we ravaged some of the tasteless, gaudy condos in the neighborhood where he normally lives, works, and struggles. In solidarity with Dave, against the on-going gentrification process, and driven by a general sense of aesthetic responsibility, we took it upon ourselves to burst a few of those glass encrusted blemishes infesting Brooklyn like an unsightly rash, so that once he returns home, he could enjoy the discriminating attention to detail that went into our exterior decorating project; urban renewal at its finest.

“The lowest circles of hell are reserved for those who desert their comrades.”
-The Black Liberation Army

In this miserable world, structured completely by exploitation and domination, all relationships from the intimate to the professional, bear the immanent mark of oppression, and subsequently, each connection between individuals is crafted solely for the furtherance of personal interest and shameless self-promotion. Hypocrisy, betrayal, and deceit are the predominant values upheld by this class-divided society and unfortunately penetrate each and every fragile bond tying submissive beings together. It is a fantastic ideological dream to believe the radical milieu is exempt from the prevailing moral order of the day, especially considering how the useless sub-culture is, almost entirely, propagated by snitches, megalomaniacs, and sycophants; a disgusting race of sub-human animals. Whether squeaking rats led by vanity or docile sheep controlled by crowd psychology, the milieu is a den of parasites living off the most petite-bourgeoisie forms of gossip. We despise each species equally and the lack of revolutionary solidarity extended from the scene only increases our disdain for its four-legged creatures. Holding back for a month, anticipating an expression of solidarity from Dave’s supposed “comrades,” we could no longer wait for their cue.

Revolutionary solidarity, as a lived and demonstrative concept, is the double movement against spectacular society, which simultaneously, solidifies a cohesion uniting comrades in struggle. It positions itself beyond the fragile and temporary alliances and like alloyed metals conjoined and hardened to then be molded into the serrated edge of a blade, solidarity is the combined, deadly weapon we press against the perspiring throat of the existent. Dave separated himself from the vapid milieu, by placing himself above its dismal ethos, and attacked an Army recruitment center alone, without the approval of the self-appointed radical clergy. His courage and confidence in the face of inhuman repression fills us with the strength and energy to both single out and, most importantly, punish the enemy wherever they may slither: in their mansions, boardrooms, or precincts.

For these reasons, we displayed our revolutionary solidarity to Dave by attacking the Brooklyn parole office, where, after leaving federal prison, he was forced to regularly report to then be repeatedly degraded by the slime working in the – now tarnished – building. And after we finished our own dirty work, we left “Destroy Prisons” spray-painted on the building’s door and “we can’t stop, won’t stop” our job until all jails are totally destroyed.

“His liberty is full of threats to all;
To you yourself, to us, to everyone.”

- Claudius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

To the State and its mindless servants, please do not concentrate solely on the malice in our voice, as we will only relay this once: if you dare lay one more finger on Dave, we will not hesitate to saw your worthless appendage clean off. The parole office we attacked; consider it a warning and the NYPD mural we defaced; consider it a message of caution. Let it be known: if any of our comrades are even issued a parking ticket, then you will have made the decision for us. In other words, you yourself will open the door, and we will nonetheless proceed to rip it off the hinges, by inaugurating a new, persistent and diffused urban strategy of sabotage guided by the unlimited vision and experiential knowledge to successfully clog, interrupt, and dislodge the conduits and the blood-slicked arteries of the metropolis. We said it before, and you can be sure, we are still keeping count:

An eye for two eyes. A tooth for the whole face.”


Solidarity actions for G. Dimitrakis and Alfredo Bonanno

(The video above is from the Greek embassy in London.)

More solidarity actions

After police attacks, German group claims link to Greek teen
12/08/2009, 2:27 AM
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According to Expatica:

“Hamburg — A left-wing group claimed responsibility for an attack on a German police station and linked it to the killing of a Greek teenager by an officer, in a letter published Sunday.

In the text sent to the daily Hamburger Morgenpost, a group calling itself “Koukoulofori,” Greek for “hoodie-wearers,” said it was behind the assault on a police station in the northern city of Hamburg Friday — two days before the anniversary of the teenager’s death.

The authors said they had aimed to take revenge for the killing in Greece of the teenager by a policeman on December 6, 2008 which sparked riots there, and threatened further attacks.

In the one-and-a-half-page letter, the group described Friday’s assault in Hamburg in detail and linked it to the “murder by a cop” of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos.

It said it would mount further attacks if a squatted building which is used as a cultural centre with ties to the far-left known as Rote Flora is forcibly closed, as authorities have threatened.

“We are convinced that if Rote Flora is evicted, a lively international little group from all corners of Europe will ensure a brilliant, unforgettable experience!”

Early Friday, 15 masked vandals attacked a police station in Hamburg, set two police cars ablaze, threw rocks at officers and the windows of the station and erected burning barricades. All escaped without being captured.

The same night, a federal police building in Berlin was firebombed and the facade of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s offices was vandalised. State police, however, saw no connection with the incident in Hamburg.

Violence broke out at demonstrations in Greece marking the anniversary on Sunday, including police clashes with hooded youths.

The 2008 riots caused millions of euros (dollars) in damage and badly discredited the conservative government, which was voted out of office in October.

The policeman accused of the killing is due to go on trial for homicide January 20.


NYC: Action in Solidarity with California Occupations (and comments)

And some comments:

At some point a critique of some of this is in order, because these occupations are only interesting when they go outside of merely being “actions” that address a growing assemblage of issues regarding the management of capital. Certainly there are people within this who share a similar critique and are attempting to push these struggles past their allotted boundaries.   Although what is at issue most importantly about the generalization of an antagonistic practice is the possibility that while in the process it deconstructs the separate categories of student, worker, individual, etc, rather than reifies them further.  Do we dare flirt with student activism?  Or is it something to hide within?  Maybe a temporary invisibility cloak?

There are some people who want to only see activism and apply the traditional anti-political critique.  It’s so easy.  But what they miss is the student acting.  And in this acting lies the possibility of their no longer being simply students.

On a tangential note, there is a tendency of much writings coming out of the recent student movement to appropriate situationist jargon, which then has an emptying relationship on the concepts themselves.  As the SDS activist so often thinks to don the fatigues of the leftist guerrilla as did their 1960s predecessors whose image they have brought back from the dead to build the organization, the more sophisticated activist speaks in anti-activism and pro-situationist jargon.  They read The Coming Insurrection in an attempt to use new words to give life to practices that will always be dead.

Maybe this is too harsh?  There’s plenty of room for both excitement and suspicion.  Could we be so naive to think of conflict not as a force developing, but of another tendency to critique?  While at the same time it seems the only space left where anything interesting or new can happen is built within a healthy pessimism and hostility.  Where there is nothing left for us but a shared total hostility to our conditions we can finally be constituting of something different.

If you have anything to add, please do.

Trash tabloid “news”paper in Athens attacked in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists; Exarcheia residents fight back
10/15/2009, 3:25 PM
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From the Occupied London Blog:

““Espresso” is a tabloid so-called “news”paper in Athens, the sort of greek equivalent of “the Sun” in the UK or “Bild” in Germany. In-between soft-core porn and showbiz “news”, the paper has developed a habit of publishing the names of people arrested – but not convicted – for various, mostly political cases, in a clear defiance of even the state’s own laws. The paper’s immunity stands largely thanks to some of its very convenient links to the greek state: A “journalist” of Espresso was previously the spokesperson of the ministry of public order (in charge of the police force). When the police arrested and charged four youths for the conspiracy of the cells of fire case, Espresso was quick to assume their guilt and even publish “juicy” articles on the supposed relationships between the accused.

Shortly after noon today, around ten people arrived outside the headquarters of “Espresso”. Armed with pots, hammers, crowbars and sticks they smashed the glass facade of the building and trashed some of the cars parked right outside, while writing slogans in solidarity with the accused for the “conspiracy cells” case.

Pictures on Athens IMC

Meanwhile, in the police-occupied neighbourhood of Exarcheia, the residents have started taking things in their own hands. Seeing that the police are trying to build a heavier permanent presence in the area, an impromptu daily meeting has been called for 7.30pm every evening at the neighbourhood’s square, with only one immediate demand: Cops out of Exarcheia!”



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