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Hurricane Sandy Rips Through Milwaukee

Only days after I left Milwaukee, the CCC got an eviction notice. I was overjoyed to hear that there was a proper eviction party, as all landlords deserve, but rarely get.

“On the evening of October 31st, hurricane Sandy swept through the space which once housed the Cream City Collectives. All of the former CCC’s windows were smashed by the winds and many beer cans were not picked up.

An accountability process for hurricane Sandy’s fucked up manarchist shit will be held at the next Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair.



Queer Ultra-Violence: Bash Back! Anthology Talk

This event is taking place at the CCC (732 E Clarke St.) at 7pm Thursday June 14th. It is free.

Queer Ultra Violence: Bash Back! Anthology published by Ardent Press this February, is an analytical anthology that chronicles the (non)organization and militant queer tendency known as Bash Back! Although short lived, Bash Back! had an astonishing impact on both radical and queer organizing in the United States. Bash Back! took on gay assimilation, anti-queer violence, the queer radical establishment, and capitalism with a queer struggle that rejected traditional identity politics. The anthology compiles essays, interviews, and communiqués to document the new queer tendency spawned by the Bash Back! years.

As capitalism and the state are thrown into deeper and deeper crisis, queers and all others historically excluded from both formal economies and from the safety net of the nuclear family, will bear the brunt of the age of austerity. Reflecting critically on the past several years of radical queer action and imagination, the editors of Bash Back! Queer Ultraviolence will attempt to navigate queer space and potential in a world torn by crisis. Through this talk, Eanelli and Baroque will present a series of proposals for action and survival, taking as their starting point the position of queer autonomy and queer revolt against the State and Capital. This lecture will theorize queer gangs, self-defense networks, occupations, communes and a praxis of vengeance.


MAY DAY BLOCK PARTY at the CCC (in Milwaukee)

“So long as there is money, there will never been enough money for everyone” and in this spirit we share space, food and music with each other on May Day.

The Working Class Goes to Heaven (free film screening at the CCC)

“Steeped in the volatile political conflicts taking place in Italy at the time, the Hot Autumn of 1969, the rejection of the compromises of the Italian communist Party (PCI), the refusal of work, factory and university occupations, Elio Petri’s film The Working Class Goes to Heaven explores the struggles in the factory in all their contradictions; between consumerism and work, alienation, libidinal desire, self-destruction and, potentially, collective action. The Working Class Goes to Heaven demonstrates an impressive and inspiring illustration of the exploitation of capital society and the alienation of workers under this system. It showed us how the ruling class manipulates the ideology into people’s mind by alienating them through work, and how the workers are exploited with and without being conscious of that. Furthermore, it also gives us a sketch of the futility of reformism and the issues which will be confronted in the process of revolution.”

December 18th 7pm at the CCC (732 E Clarke St.)

CCC Block Party update

“After five years of being open and six years of meetings we’re finally having the block party you’ve all been waiting for.
There will be many more details to come, but one should expect:
-hanging out

GET RAD (milwaukee)


+1 tba

and Dance Party starting at 8pm”

5 year anniversary for the CCC, an anti-authoritarian social center in Milwaukee

Knife Pen Collusion

This is a site that collects some of the writing from a Milwaukee writers group that meets at the CCC every Sunday at 4pm. The group is open to anyone who wants to come, share writing they’re working on and receive feedback or work on writing exercises.

The ways of the pen and the ways of the knife, may they collude together.


CCC 4 Year Anniversary Block Party

5-10pm at the CCC (732 E Clarke St.) September 24th

There will be people hanging out, sharing refreshments, listening to music, and so on, to celebrate the 4 years of this Milwaukee anti-authoritarian social center being in existence.

“The block party that has been 4 years in the making…

Pink Houses, Temple, Living and Wrestling, DJ A Herd Of Kittens, The Newyorker

Food and Refreshments:
? and root beer floats.

Like hanging out, sitting on the ground, talking, staring at each other, playing four square in the street, bike jousting, and so on.

If you’re interested in helping to promote this please stop by the CCC for fliers to help put around the city and neighborhood. If you’re interested in helping with the actual organization of the event please come to any of weekly Tuesday meetings starting at 3:30pm at the CCC. And, if you’re interested in physically setting up the event or cleaning the space please show up on the 24th around 3 or 4pm.”

CCC Summer Book It Program

We have already ventured a bit far into summer, and are perhaps bit late in announcing this, but we are pleased to announce the start of this summer’s Book It program at the CCC / Cream City Collectives (732 E Clarke St.)

In order to participate, pick up a reading log from the CCC, log or attempt to log around 100 hours or reading from now until the end of the summer, and then attend a free pizza party (TBA). You can read whatever you want, though extra hours will be awarded for reading suggested readings and completing accompanying quizzes.

It’s that easy!

Suggested readings:

-Letters of Insurgents by Sophia Nochalo and Yarostan Vochek

-Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault

-My Gender Workbook by Kate Bornstein

-Labrynths by Jorge Luis Borges

-Introduction to Civil War by Tiqqun

-Species Being by Frere Dupont

-The Coming Community by Giorgio Agamben

-Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq

-Valencia by Micheal Tea

-Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici

-We Are an Image From the Future by Various

-The ScrewBall Asses by Guy Hocquenghem

-Fox Fire by Joyce Carol Oats

-The Unseen by Nanni Balestrini

+5 hours per passing completion of quiz (available at the CCC)
+5 hours for finishing one of the suggested books

Most of these books can be found in this distro and the rest should be available from the public library.

Das Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet (free film screening)

Saturday July 24th 7pm at the CCC (732 E Clarke St.)

Synopsis of the film:

“Ultimately stunning in its revelations, Lutz Dammbeck’s THE NET explores the incredibly complex back-story of Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber. This exquisitely crafted inquiry into the rationale of this mythic figure situates him within a late 20th Century web of technology – a system that he grew to oppose. A marvelously subversive approach to the history of the Internet, this insightful documentary combines speculative travelogue and investigative journalism to trace contrasting counter cultural responses to the cybernetic revolution.

For those who resist these intrusive systems of technological control, the Unabomber has come to symbolize an ultimate figure of Refusal. For those that embrace it, as did and do the early champions of media art like Marshall McLuhan, Nam June Paik, and Stewart Brand, the promises of worldwide networking and instantaneous communication outweighed the perils. Dammbeck’s conceptual quest links these multiple nodes of cultural and political thought like the Internet itself. Circling through themes of utopianism, anarchism, terrorism, CIA, LSD, Tim Leary, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, THE NET exposes a hidden matrix of revolutionary advances, coincidences, and conspiracies.”


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