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Anti-anarchist pogrom launched by Socialists in Greece
10/09/2009, 4:16 PM
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“One day after assuming power, the Socialists launched a massive invasion of Exarcheia, the Athens anarchist enclave, with mass detentions and brutal intimidation of locals.

On the early hours of Friday 9 of October, four days after the landslide victory of the Socialists in the greek national elections, and only a day after assuming power, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pasok) proved its intentions towards the social antagonistic movement that has swept the country since the December Uprising: brutal repression.

Almost one thousand cops of all corpses, riot police, motorised police, secret police and usual uniformed officers swept Exarcheia, the anarchist enclave of the greek capital, at 01.30 am. The mass invasion of the police-free area was orchestrated by the new Minister of Public Order (or as the Socialist newspeak has it Minister of Citizens’ Protection) Mr Chrisohoidis, infamous for his unorthodox methods in capturing and interrogating members of the November 17 urban guerrilla group in the summer of 2002 – i.e. torture. On his side the genius of repression has as of yesterday Mr Vougias, a well-known ex extreme-leftist eager to share his knowledge of things revolutionary with the State.

During the invasion, which came only a day after the new PM, Mr Papandreou the 3rd, announced that his government is “antiauthoritarians in power”, hundreds of people were stopped and harassed by cops who broke into 26 bars, camped in the liberated park of Navarinou street and generally portrayed a most avenging and brutal attitude towards anyone who just happens to be within the invisible boundaries of the radical area.
Reports claim that several young people were seriously beaten during the operations.

According to the press more than 60 people were detained during the pogrom. Mr Vougias announced that “anomy will be abolished” and connected the invasion with an attack launched the previous morning by more than a dozen activists against banks and a fascist bookshop in the centre of the city as an act of solidarity to the 3 boys arrested under the anti-terrorist law.”


More information

Winter Anarchist Discussion Schedule (MKE)

A clandestine hoard of miscreants and nerds is excited to announce the return of an anarchist discussion group, just in time for winter. As the frigid specter approaches, we recommend keeping warm with cozy anarchist literature, heated discussions of theory and praxis and copious amounts of tea. Each month until spring corresponds to a particular topic for discussion. With each approaching month, a more specific weekly schedule will be announced and all relevant texts will be made available at the Cream City Collectives and through the Burnt Bookmobile. November will begin as an exploration of hell-on-earth and some potential ways out. Discussions will be informed by the specified readings – thus reading the texts is encouraged (and fun), but not necessary. Everyone is welcome!

November – some fundamentals

Nov 8 - Work Community Politics War
A graphic guide to the banality of life in capitalist hell and constituting conflict willfully against it.

Nov 15 - The Reproduction of Daily Life
If you don’t have time to read Marx’s Capital, read this in only half an hour.

Nov 22At Daggers Drawn
You may have been wondering about what all this insurrectionary magnetic poetry floating around is all about…

Nov 29Earth First! Means Social War
This zine has been clinically proven to dispel all myths regarding green capitalism (formerly known as ethical consumerism).

All zines will be available on this website to download and print out.

Freedom for Alfredo and Christos – Comrades arrested in Greece
10/05/2009, 8:54 PM
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From Infoshop News:

“Well-known Italian anarchist Alfredo M. Bonanno and Greek anarchist Christos Stratigopoulos have been arrested in Trikala, central Greece, on suspicion of carrying out an armed robbery at a local bank. Police sources definitively named the men as Alfredo M. Bonanno, 72, and Christos Stratigopoulos, 46. Bonanno has served 18 months in jail for his essay called “Armed Joy” and was also given a six-year term in 2003 in the farce of the “Marini Trial”.

According to police, Stratigopoulos carried out the robbery at a branch of Piraeus bank on Thursday. He forced employees to hand over 46,900 euros, which he then apparently handed to Bonanno, who was waiting outside in a rented car. A witness noted the license plate of the vehicle and informed the police, who stopped the car on a road leading to Kalambaka. Officers found the stolen cash in the vehicle.

Solidarity action – Freedom to Alfredo & Christos!

On Friday October 2 at about 8.15pm, a low-intensity bomb went off only a few meters away from the podium where Prime Minister Karamanlis was delivering his last speech, signaling the end of the pre-election period (elections are on Sunday the 4th).

The “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” claimed responsibility with a communiqué published on Athens IMC. The writers of the communiqué deny the previous police claims to have arrested 4 members of the organization, whilst another 6 remained on the run. The “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” describe the placing of the bomb in detail and send their revolutionary greetings to Alfredo Bonnano and his 46-year old Greek comrade, Christos Stratigopoulos, both arrested and charged with a bank robbery in the northern city of Trikala on Thursday.”


Also an update on the ongoing anti-guerrilla case mentioned in the article.

Some information on Alfredo Bananno:

It should be noted as well that much of Bananno’s writing, especially on insurrectionary anarchist ideas were developed as critique and in light of the failures of an intense period of armed struggle (note the title “armed Joy”) in Italy during the 1970s.

“Bonanno was one of hundreds of Italian anarchists arrested on the night of June 19, 1997, when Italian security forces carried out raids on anarchist centres and private homes all over Italy. The raids followed the bombing of Palazzo Marino in Milan, Italy on April 25, 1997. On February 2, 2003 Bonanno was sentenced to 6 years in prison plus a €2000 fine (first degree 3 years, 6 months) for armed robbery and other crimes. These charges were related to the “Marini Trial“, in which Italian anarchists were convicted of belonging to an eversive armed group whose ideological leader was Bonanno.”

Some texts written by him:

-Armed Joy

-Palistine, mon amour

-The Anarchist Tension

A Love Letter To An Anonymous Stone-Thrower
10/03/2009, 10:30 PM
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Dear Anonymous Stone-Thrower,

A rock left from your beautiful hand into the Pittsburgh night searching for either a bank window, a storefront, or maybe even the visor of a riot cop’s helmet to embrace. In a strange turn of events, my face obstructed the stone from reaching its final destination and, instead of the intended glass being shattered, my teeth were cracked into pieces and blood sprayed from my mouth like a scene from a ’70s slasher-flick. I ask you not to worry about my teeth, they are of little worth to revolutionaries; let’s remember how Bakunin got along just fine with his scurvy-ridden chompers. In fact, I’d gladly loose all my teeth, have a few fingers severed, and even a leg amputated if it would ensure that stones would continue to fly at demonstrations. A simple revolutionary cost-benefit analysis like this must surely take into account the fact that teeth are just minuscule parts of the grand expression we call a smile and smiles can not blossom on our faces without riots consuming the metropolis. So, please keep hurling those bricks into the dark sky for the sake of the world’s happiness rests upon this.

My dear, I write you this love letter to also ask you, better yet, to implore you to never regret what happened this past Thursday in Pittsburgh. Despite what anyone might say, your aim -or your lack thereof- is not to blame and I insist that the fault belongs solely to my face, and to my face alone, for clumsily finding its way into the rock’s path. Place all the guilt on my head… Literally. And in my throbbing skull, hypotheticals squirt out of my jarred brain. What is the exact nature of friendly-fire but a combination of the two elements essential to the composition of any revolutionary: friends and fire? Yes! I can assure you that you will never hear liberal complaints about the irresponsibility of the black bloc or banal whining about the careless violence displayed in a riot come from my now disfigured lips. For I know all too well that gestures cannot be beautiful without victims.

And so, I gladly rejoice in my newfound victimhood. Because, clearly you don’t have to be Octave Mirbeau to locate the uncanny semblance between pain and pleasure. Your brick toss became for me an erotic spanking par excellence. It was nothing less than a treat for me to feel your subjective will, set on battering alienated capitalist objectivity, instead rupture my class-conditioned proletarianized existence. My love, you unknowingly set into motion my own personal de-subjectification: your wild pitch broke my identity and my gum-line. Gorgeous it was, how the hard stone, your soft hand, and your sleek body coupled into a machine with a flow that caressed my lips, leaving traces of your desire around my mouth, and, at the same time, produced the strangest of Craigslist Missed Connections. I long for you, Anonymous Stone-Thrower, and I so badly want to tell you that you are my hero and also say thank you. Thank you for finally letting me experience a riot from another angle. Thank you for fulfilling this pressing need, described best by Baudelaire when he scribbled:

I would be happy not only as a victim; it would not displease me to play the hangman as well-so as to feel the revolution from both sides!

If my burning wish to someday meet you is ever granted, please ignore my hideous, scab covered lips, pretend they are casualties of sensual but nonetheless overzealous nibbling, and let us kiss like lovers’ deprived from each other for too long. I anticipate this day like I yearn for the day we all storm the heavens.

Till we find each other on the barricades,

Undying affection,
-Bleeding Gums Murphy


So we won, but did anybody notice? Thoughts on the G20
10/02/2009, 3:48 PM
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From Anarchist News:

The events of Thursday the 24th were amazing to experience. A day full of dispersed and heartening conflict culminating in the night time Bash Back march which ran shit harder than anything I’ve been a part in the past 6 years, leaving the heart of a college business district wreaked, flaming dumpsters and all. That night is summed up best by an incident where a lone security guard watched the bank he was posted at get smashed while being mocked with chants of “You can’t stop us!” Yeah… that’s how we do.

Once the march dispersed some of us found ourselves in a crowd of college students. Before we could catch our breath the oh-so-familiar, oh-so-comical, robotic “Warning To Disperse” alerted us that a million fucking riot police were advancing toward us, but we experienced it from a very different perspective this time. Now we were no different than anyone else on the street. I wondered if the police even knew what just happened as we watched them fire teargas canisters hundreds of feet in the air… just for the wind to catch them and blow it back into their own ranks. The whole while oblivious college kids took pictures with their camera phones. Fucking surreal.

Against all odds and all the repressive capacity of the state, we hit them off guard and the fumbling police could do little more then stand by watching as we insulted them and their pretensions of control. The only thing they succeeded at was phenomenal and relentless incompetence, occasionally manifested as unwarranted brutality against random bystanders. I can only hope we made the pigs bussed into the city from Miami miss the good ol’ days (of the FTAA).

At the end of the day everyone present seemed to agree we “won” but what does that mean? To me it meant feeling empowered, getting revenge, being able to fight back and get away. It meant having the opportunity to prove to each other that we are powerful and that we are only beginning to realize the extent of that. Victory was in my comrades tears of joy and the glee of overhearing an outraged cop scream that “everything is out of control!”.

That night I fell asleep to the buzz of helicopters hovering frantically above the city, and dreamed sweetly .

Of course the morning after shit went down I ran to the nearest computer to find the freshest riot porn to jerk-off to, but was surprised to find that the media was by and large not impressed.
They hyped up all the least militant segments of the day (This just in! Large black bloc fucks off in some random neighborhood) but basically ignored the largest riot to take place in the US in ten years, and it seems that to the general public, it almost didn’t take place. If a police substation is smashed in the city and there’s no one around to film, does it actually happen?

So now were left with the strange feeling of winning a battle that no one except the people who were there, even knows happened. It makes me wonder if it’s beneficial to let the images of our resistance be portrayed through the media in hopes of expanding struggle, or do we continue actively smashing their cameras? Either way, even if the significance of the day isn’t recognized by a single person that wasn’t there, hundreds of anarchists came away from the G20 with tighter crews and a taste for social war.

Pittsburgh represents a shift for us. This was evident to me, in everything from our reasons for going, how we perceived what would happen there and how we acted on the street. In general it seems that we’ve finally accepted the uselessness of the summit protest. We’ve admitted their lack of revolutionary potential and in fact deplore being associated with “protests” anymore.

We don’t want to “Speak truth to power” or whatever fucking non-sense we were saying ten years ago. Were beyond making demands because we seek no concessions from power. We seek nothing from power but its destruction and we act accordingly. Still we exploit the opportunity to gather our forces that such a summit represents but we have become realistic with our aims and expectations.

The G20 was a spectacle. It represents the causes of my daily misery far less then my liberal bosses friendly smile does. Shutting down the G20, or even marching to the convention center, was not only unrealistic but irrelevant. We went to have fun and get experience fighting in the streets together, attacking capital where ever it was weak and avoiding fights we couldn’t win. This is how we build our capacity and this is where we found our success on the streets in Pittsburgh.

-A member of the Thug Section



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